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Month: November 2019

which the keys produce sounds. The different parts of the piano help in producing complex music.

Know The Details Of Grand Piano

Grand piano is a musical instrument that can be played with the help of the horizontal long keyboard that is attached to it. A Grand piano cannot be called a piano as it has many different types of it. A piano is big in size but its sound is that much pleasant. The person who plays the piano is known as a pianist.
History –
The piano (also known as pianoforte) was invented by Bartolomeo Christoffori in Italy in the 18th century. After around five decades after its invention, it finally started to become popular. For the first time, a piano was played in public was in London in the year 1786. From its inventions, woods are used to make a piano. The design of a piano is such that how it should be played depends on the pianist completely. A piano has many parts including three pedals, strings,and a long keyboard with numerous keys and a little hammer because of which the keys produce sounds. The different parts of the piano help in producing complex music.

Types of Pianos –
There are five main types of pianos in existence. They are listed below:

Specialized and

Details of the Grand Piano – 
It has a long horizontal keyboard with numerous keys. The length of this piano varies from 4 ft to 9 ft. The piano first started with only 60 keys but with the passage of time, the number of the keys increased and finally it is settled to 88 keys (52 white keys and 36 black keys). Due to its large size, modifications with keys are possible. There are two types of Grand Pianos which are –

The concert grand and
The baby grand.

The sound range of musical instruments varies and a piano’s sound range is quite large. As a matter of fact, the sound range of a piano is so large that every person situated in a concert hall can hear the music loud and clear.
The sound of the piano is always pleasant to the ears. The piano has been famous and popular for centuries. There are many great artists who made their name by playing the piano like the great musician Mozart. The piano has a wide scale of a musical range because of which a pianist gets the freedom of composing complicated but unique music notes which can be both fast and soft. Learning to play the piano was common occurrence in the past. In modern times, not many people learn piano as not many can afford to buy one and as it needs a lot of space many people don’t want to buy either. However, this musical art is not lost and it never will be.

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