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Month: January 2020

to have rooftop facing south at an angle of 30degree Celsius, this way solar can produce the best annual power.

Solar Panels For Houses: A Smart Choice

Gift your upcoming generation and their upcoming generation with25 years of benefit and its assured you will never cut corners for installing solar plants on your rooftops. We hate going under the sun for its harmful UV rays devastating and worsening our skin. Less we knew these rays have so many benefits in our lives and its other side of the story. Our country is blessed with a lot of sunlight and sun shines equally on everyone, make use of this God gifted energies they are just not meant to remain intact or for worship, they have reasons to be created for. Solar panels for homes are stirring topics running around for a while in real estate markets.
Produce your own powers
Your vacant rooftops can be converted to solar panels for houses which can save your lack of rupees, but here comes your shrewd desire of installing. The bigger the solar panel the more power it will produce. A 1kw panel system will produce 750-850kwh per year while the biggest 5kwh system will be able to produce 4500kWh per year. The grid-connected solar PV system will charge you anywhere between 50,000 rupees to 70,000 rupees per KW and can also go up to lakh, cost varies on the type of panels and inverter we choose. If you find this cost-effective you can go for EMIs or lease. Fitting solar cells is heavily dependent on a good location;the roof should support the weight of the solar system. The best configuration to install is to have rooftop facing south at an angle of 30degree Celsius, this way solar can produce the best annual power.

How it works
Glare panels collect all sunlight into electricity, have semiconductors inside called silicon. The conductors are attached to positive and negative terminals that form an electric circuit. Now batteries store energy gathered by solar cells saving for rainy days, these batteries are relatively expensive. Solar panels are not reliable on sunlight they are most effective in a location with bright direct sunlight.
Advantages and disadvantages
The need for using solar panels for homes on rooftops is going highly classy these days from rural to urban areas. Owning a solar panel is like owning cannons.Mono crystalline solar cells can be installed in small spaces and perform better in lower sunlight, drains your utility bills, no maintenance is required. In Australia, solar powerhouses are more valuable than those relying on traditional means of electricity. A home with PV or solar is more saleable. Now that’s why I wonder real estates are becoming so productive and innovative these days.
So whether you are saving financial expert or a conservative investor it’s high time to go for solar now.

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