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Rainbow Kids Yoga Classroom Training

A 9-hour workshop for
yoga teachers, school teachers, parents and health care professionals
who wish to bring fun, creativity, relaxation, social and emotional learning
and collaboration into their classroom!

The Rainbow Kids Classroom Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, intensive and practical certification course. Be prepared to practice and learn to teach yoga while laughing, dancing, playing and singing!

The Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is well rounded and intensive, with practical theory, discussions and TONS OF FUN! Most importantly, you will come out with immediate tangible knowledge and tons of fabulous ideas that will add spice to your classroom including yoga stretches, breathing exercises, interactive yoga games, kid friendly meditations and relaxation techniques.

In this specialized training we will concentrate on creative ways to teach kids how to focus, relax, stretch, energize and prepare their mind and body for school with or without chairs and tables. We will explore chair yoga as well as other ways to practice yoga with children in the school environment.

In 9 hours you will find new ways to connect with children. You will be able to share healthy, fun, and non-competitive movement-based activities with them.

Who should take this training:

  • You are a yoga teacher, classroom teacher, drama, dance, physical education teacher, counselor, learning specialist, after-school teacher or parent
  • You are looking for additional knowledge and tools to broaden your offerings
  • You desire to reach your student and children in creative ways, allowing them to grow emotionally and socially

You do not need any previous yoga experience to take the training and we are here to provide you with all the support you might need after its completion.

  The Rainbow Kids Yoga certificate is recognized by the US, UK and  AUS Yoga Alliances and is renowned worldwide.


  09:00   A Yoga in the Classroom experience – class sample
  09:45   What is Yoga in the Classroom and its benefits
  10:00   Adjusting the class to the different age groups and class structure
  11:00   Short break
  11:15   Using yoga as a tool to start the day positively
  11:30   Principles of teaching yoga to kids in the classroom
  12:15   Using yoga as a tool to reduce stress and relax
  12:30   Positive class management tips & how to help kids do poses better and for longer
  1:00   Lunch break
  2:00   Breathing – tools to activate or calm your brain
  2:45   Guided imagery, massage, meditation & other paths to a quiet & calm classroom
  3:45   Energizing Classroom Yoga sequences
  4:00   Short break
  4:15   Class with a concept
  5:00   Explore yoga poses and games on and off the chair. Explore creating your own
  5:45   Q&A, closing circle and graduation


Discounted Early Bird Rates are available 3 weeks before the training.

The price includes the Yoga in the Classroom teaching manual.

For more information, please email us at info@rainbowkidsyoga.net, subject line: RKY Classroom Yoga.


Registration and Payment

  London, England
Location: Claphamspace
Date: TBD
Hours: 9 am - 6 pm
Instructor: Gopala Amir Yaffe
Price: $120 GBP (before July 26)
         $160 GBP (from July 27)
  Bangkok, Thailand
Location: Lullaby Yoga Studio
Date: TBD
Hours: 9 am - 6 pm
Instructor: Sora No
Price: 6000 THB


Stay tuned for more dates and locations...